Fashion trends for Automn 2013 !

Fall Fashion Week 2013 has been full of new trends for this winter and automn , keep reading if you want to know them :
Estilo Stiletto: Flor Flower Fiore
Invest in eye-catching outfits:The eye-catching outfits are so in vogue right now , don't be afraid to try different colours in your outfits .
Going to wear so many beanies this winter
Put a beanie on : Aren't beanies the most adorable thing on aerth? they make you look so cute and fashion at the same time , but you can wear other hats too this fall :) 
Gingham Print, Classic Style, Summer Dress
Let your floral summer prints in your wardrobe and go for a bright new style with classic prints that you can rock as a dress,blazer of even pants .
Don't put you leopard print away, leopard prints have a bad reputation as everybody Think that they're not in vogue , but they can make a great outfit and don't at all look old or ugly, one tip girls when you want to wear leopard don't make all the outfit in the same colour like don't wear this skirt for example don't put a same print shirt on top of the dress as it's an eye-catching print try to dress simple with it.
Wear more emerald green pieces , this is like one of my favourites colours  pair this colour with some jewel tones such as garnet or saphire , with heels it looks even better as emerald green is a kind of "royal" colour try to dress it classy .
When it's chilly outside , we all go for dark colours, so why not get out of that comfort zone and try Winter white? A lot of people ( like me) are afraid of wearing white because it gets quickly dirty , but white make your look look clean and high fashion , accesorize winter white with pop colours like gold and you'll look stunning.
As you may have noticed peplum top are super in vogue you wore it in summer but you can also wear it in winter with long sleeves or just convert your summer peplum top into a fall one by wearing a cardigan or a blazer , it's super cute and feminine and you can wear for every event.
ONE ADVICE: wear your little leather jacket which is alone in your dressing since months , leather is back , jackets, pants,tops , you can dress it with everything otherwise there is different colours of leather i personnaly love red leather but choose whatever you want and just put it on girl.

Just say it, you're crazy of those little military jackets that look super cute on everybody like really you cannwear it with everything and the military-inspired look is one of the fashion trends of fall 2013 so it's ok just buy it.



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