Jumpsuits in fall/winter?

Hello girls,you bought a jumpsuit last or this summer and want to convert it into a fall outfit? yeah i know that feel,but i'm here to show you how to.You're maybe just too lazy to choose a complete outfit to day and just want to wear a simple but fashion thing for the day?jumpsuits are made for you , in summer they were really useful for all the fashionable girls in the world to stay fresh all day and  now it's time to convert it into a Fall nice outfit  with a nice jacket , a pair of oxfords and you're ready to travel the world honey !!
Fall jumpsuit
See that outfit? it's just a simple like cream/pale rose jumpsuits with some heels that have been turned into a fall jumpsuit by adding a simple maroon coat and glasses and she's wonderful , dress classy this is what i say everytime , simple and classy !
fall, jumpsuit
Floral jumpsuit? not sure if wearing it in fall/winter? it's okay i got the solution , two words : JACKET AND SOCKS (or tights if it's really cold where you live); it's better if the jacket is in like a dark color like this grey one ,so it contrast a little bit with the jumpsuit and heels with socks or a pair of oxfords or whatever you want and you're ready for cold,hard days of fall/winter.
Bridgit Mendler
You shouls totally rock brigit mendler's jumpsuit this fall!! it's maybe short but with some big tights and cute black boots it'll be okay if you're afraid to be cold because of the short sleeves just put under the jumpsuit a nice black pullover and you'll be good!
jumpsuit fashion trendy jumpsuit fall style fashion photography
Heels are the cutest thing to wear with a jumpsuit but short boots or flats can be good too , let's tallk about long sleeves jumpsuits now , those things are just made for you at this season of the year , because they're not too cold nor too hot , they're perfect , dress them with a nice necklace and accessories and you're good for the night ! 
Gwiazdy prywatnie, najlepsze stylizacje: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley w Londynie, fot. East News
If you have a black jumpsuit and don't want to look all black , just take a bag or even shoes in another color and you'll look stunning!
How to Wear a Jumpsuit Fall 2013
Want to stay relaxed at work? try office jumpsuit they're simple but nice enough to wear at work !

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  1. Great post and images. nice outfits. i like your style