Traditionnal day:Morroco ( how to wear Kaftans) Caftans

A caftan, sometimes spelled kaftan, is an ankle-length, flowing garment that has long sleeves. In its original form, it was made of either silk or cotton and usually worn with a belt or sash around the waist. However, the caftan does not have an open front, and is slipped over the head.

A caftan can be especially useful during very hot weather, especially if it is 100% cotton. Cotton-poly blends tend to retain more body heat. Many people also feel silk is too warm for the hot months.

Caftans  have made a huge comeback onto the fashion scene in recent years, becoming increasingly more popular on both casual and formal wear.they are worn in North Africa essentially in the countries like morroco,tunisia ... , they are more likely worn by women for weddings or special events like ramadan etc..
What is a caftan? A kaftan is a fluid comfort garment, usually long with loose sleeves, sometimes worn as casual lounge wear, women's sleepwear or as a beach cover-up. Caftans have been worn historically as a traditional garment (see our Moroccan and African styles) but in today's hectic times, the kaftan has experienced revived popularity as a comfort respite from form-fitted streetwear. Browse Natori caftans in a variety of colors, patterns and fabrics including cotton, rayon, denim and satin.

Kaftans come in all colours and lengths. Many women worldwide today favour the caftan due to its versatility and comfort.
From the late Elizabeth Taylor to the Olson twins, kaftans have always been a wardrobe staple for many celebrities. The special quality of this attire is that you can wear it on any occasion or can be worn by any age group. In fact, it suits any type of body shape. So, this seventies vintage collection is a must-have in your wardrobe. 
When it comes to wearing kaftans, the Queen of Morroco, Lalla Salma, beats them all. She's feminine , powerful and fierce.

Today’s kaftans (or caftans) can be slim-fitting, figure-hugging and trendy. Variations on the kaftan are perfect cover-up on the beach, in the house or all the way to the most glamorous red carpet events.


Kaftans this year come in all shapes and sizes and can be worn long or short from tunics to long flowing, feminine gowns. Many have chic embellishments with jewels and beads, and clinch-waisted styles offer a far more feminine silhouette.

For evenings, long flowing kaftan gowns add feminine chic, but avoid voluminous loose tents which drown the figure. Figure skimming ones are the most flattering and right on trend with clinched waists and figure hugging cuts.
Add your own personality with your favorite accessories. Dress up your kaftan with chunky bracelets , belts and necklaces. Team it with flat jewelled sandals for sexy chic or chunky wedge heels balance out the volume. Add large shades and an oversized bag to be right on-trend. Wear hair long and loose or with this season's ethnic turban or a floppy wide-brimmed hat.
The kaftan's popularity is due to its anytime, anywhere versatility and the fact that is suits all ages and body shapes, with updated styles and fashion accessories to keep it right on-trend. It is one of the fashion world's ageless and timeless dress styles.

Hi girls, on this incredible day of Eid al Adha i decided to post an article about Kaftans as I'm a Moroccan girl i choosed to share with you our traditionnal clothing , there is more outfits but i love Kaftans , i hope you're all having a Good day and Eid mubarak said to everybody :) xx 






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