How to wear it: stripes!

Stripes are actually something that i really like even tought i don't really have a lot of striped outfits in my wardrobe, i just wanted to show you some ways to wear your striped shirt or pants if you don't know how hope it'll be helpful :) xx
Transform your boatneck striped blue shirt into a completely fashion item by wearing it with a jean jacket ,a white pant or a long skirt with some flats you'll look gorgeous.

Wild colour? It's okay just go easy with the other colours that you'll wear this neon lemon colour will look good with a white pant or skirt , also the neon stripe is a big trend that you can style with blazers , sweaters and shoes.
As you might have noticed , those black striped pants have been soooo in vogue everyone got a pair of theses and there's a reason why , i own one of these little baby and i'mm really happy about it it makes you look thin and tall, punk and adorable.
Those stripped blouses have never really fell out of fashion , as you can style it with really everything it makes an adorable look for every occasion.
OMG, doesn't she look stunning with this outfit on? I absolutely have to find me one of these stripped blazers , they look classy and cool and the same time not too formal as you can make a fun look with it .



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