Adopt the indie look !

classic indie look. prints, pockets, black, whatever.
Fall indie look
Mrs mothernature. Love this indie look
Love this sweetly style indie look! Maxi skirt, maximum cool.
Indie look :)
Love the Indie look..
Look: Indie cardigan
love this indie boho look
By now, you've probably heard that vintage T-shirts and tight jeans are the basis of most Indie wardrobes. However, that's not always the case. It's not as much about what you have, but how you wear it. Vests, for example, are ideal for converting a plain outfit into a work of art. Here's a list of basic items for your indie wardrobe.
Indie is a term that's being thrown around quite a bit these days, and is used generically to describe something or someone who is original, artistic, or outside the mainstream. Regardless of the fact that indie supposedly refers to a unique quality, it has quickly developed a stereotypical style. If you're into trends, and aim to be an indie girl, get ready. There's only a few simple steps standing between you, and a new, edgier, more artsy persona. The first step is admitting to yourself that you are trying to be a "indie girl." 
Ideally your wardrobe should contain: 
-Skinny jeans, and lots of them. 
-Another pair of skinny jeans, in a bright color, like yellow or red 
-High top shoes. Preferably in bright colors (not hot pink) DO NOT get chuck taylors (converse) shoes. These are officially out in the indie scene (everyone has them, and therefore they are no longer indie.) 
-A few pairs of flats. They should have patterns like plaid or polka dots, or be brightly colored. 
-One or two vintage dresses. 
-Brightly colored tights and leggings 
-Plaid. Lots of plaid shirts. 
-Tshirts with artistic pictures on them. However, they should not be from brands like billabong or roxy. Brand names aren't indie. 
-Cardigan sweaters 
-Tops that have patterns. Loud patterns. Again, go with the bright colors. 
-Vintage jewelry. Not the big plastic emo beads from claire's either. 
-Scarves. Add a scarf to any outfit for an instantly indie feel. Patterned scarves are even better 
-A messenger bag. 
-Funky hats, belts and purses. Suspenders get you extra points. 
-Leg Warmers 


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