Best Jackets 2013

A Jacket , a must-have in every woman wardrobe,leather,colorful,blazer,denim,cardigans;you certainely dreamed about one of those jackets before , a jacket is the ultimate piece if you want to give your outfit a little boost or you're just cold and want to put something on but at the same time want to still look good ,it's not a big deal , open your wardrobe look for your most basic jacket or the one that'll fit the most with your outfit and you'll look good!hope you'll like this post :) xx
Céline leather jacket- fantastic
Leather jackets!They're like the must must-have  jacket you need ,pick a black pne because it would be much more easier to put it wit an outfit, you all know how much it costs to buy a leather jacket , i'm not going to give you a price , but they really worth it , like if you want to buy a jacket for this fall just choose a leather one , you can wear it in fall, in winter, spring and sometimes in summer, i'm one of those people who don't wear jackets in summer it's way too hot where i live,but if you live in like a colder place definitely buy one of these , you won't regret it !
Bdba Catálogo Ss13.  I like mixing different textures within the same color family!
We all own those way too fancy jackets/blazers that we were once a fancy party or a date, but you can absolutely wear it whenever you want to ,all you got to do is styling it with a simple shirt and pant and maybe some heels if you want to stay fancy :)
Military Jackets #twinsies
Military jackets are like so in vogue , i don't even know why they look that cute on a girl ,but that's life and i really really love them , they make you look a little naughty,but still look adorable to wear , try to style them with a feminine outfit , a dress , a crop top ,shorts , heels , and don't forget the accessories a really important thing in every woman outfit to look chic and cute .
denim jacket style
God i love this outfit , denim jackets ,it will always look like a vintage piece of clothing , people worn them in the 90's and now everybody style his own denim jacket his way , there are different kind of denim jackets , long ones, shorts ones, colorful ones, with a soft material ect.. , but you have to choose the right one , wear it in winter with a knit scarf , in summer with a crop top, in winter with your favourite pair of uggs , you can really do wathever you want to with it !
green blazer #jacket
As i already made an article about blazers iknow talk about them that much , they're my favourite clothing piece ever to look chic and sofisticated , if you want to know more about them check my previous post about blazers:
Irregular geometric pattern cardigan jacket BACCG
Cardigans , the best clothing piece to wear in fall , as it's not too cold you can still wear a t-shirt under it and style it with some leather leggings or a regular jeans , you choose !


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