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Hellooooo girls or boys obviously because i think that boys read the blog too ,if you're a boy and read my blog don't forget to comment :).Whatever let's get to the point why i'm here today , everyday when we're looking fir new looks and styles to copy , the outfits are always put together with heels or flats but what about sneakers? i honestly don't wear them that much , okay okay i only wear them for sport , but that's my nature i don't really like sneakers but i'm sure that there is sporty girls who like to wear them and still look sophisticated and cute as hell , hope you like the post xoxo
outfit dark purple scarf sneakers #OPIEuroCentrale #VantToBiteMyNeck
Well we all know that the best way to stay relaxed all day is wearing sneakers , you will feel comfortable and stylish if you chosse the ONES that will look great with your outfit and maybe don't look too sporty.
Superga  Sneakers, Zara  Bags and Pull & Bear  Skirts
I kinda love that look 'cause it really shows that you can stay ultra feminine even though you wear sneakers , alright they're not REAL sneakers , they're more like vans, i'm not really sure about it , whatever i think that you should style your outfit with this kind of shoes if you want to stay relaxed and glamour if you're going to have a hard day !
Outfit new balance sneakers and mohair knit......everything, bangs, sweater, skirt, bag,gray NBs......<3
another way to wear sneakers , SKIRTS! well don't try to put sneakers with long skirts or it would look super ugly and you certainely don't want to look like that the rest of the day , try to put your favourite sneakers with some random short skirt you have in your wardrobe and you'll good like this incredibly well simply dressed model!
try trainers , if i had to put an outfit with a random pair of shoes that have not to be heels or sandals i'll choose those , they exist in different colors and look kinda cute on those girls so why not?
vans outfit
Okay let's talk about it , VANS they've  bocame really in vogue those past 2 years , everybody was wearing them , the trend is not what it was but there still people who really like those choose 'cause they're nice , hipster ( don't say no) and look cute when worn , i really think that if you want to wear those kind of shoes you should keep the outfit simple for example if you buy some bright blue pair of vans don't dress it with blue pants and blue top it would look horrible , try different colors , trust me you'll love the result :)
Love everything about this, from the sweet white dress, the edgy moto and the pink footwear!  White dress, 2.55 and neon sneaks.
Want to wear sneakers with a dress right? once again forget the long dress if you don't want to look like a clown and put you're nice short dress with tights if it's cold and a jacket on !
Boyfriend jeans - Part 4 (by Lucy De B.)
Well the most basic way to wear sneakers is with jeans , but you don't want your look to be boring uh? so try the boyfriend look ,it's simple , this style just became a trend this year ,i personnaly love this look for a lazy day or for other sporty girls who love to dress like that , just put some jeans ( taht are not to slim!) with an oversized sweater and your favourite pair of sneakers and you're good to go!
White converse outfit
everybody use to love those great old converse when he was young , well guess what? they're back , i think that they can make a really interesting look but not sporty one yet , i love them ! pair them with jeans or even colored pants.
 this outfit makes me want some sneaker wedges.
well for this last look it depends if you like wedge sneakers or not , i hated them since the first time that i saw them when i was on a trip to turkey with my friends;some of my friends loved them and bought them but i just don't like them i think that they don't at all make you look classy neither sporty , they're just a mix between the two , an awkward mix , well for the girls who like them it's simple you can just wear them with whatever you want to,dress,pants,jeans,shorts , really anything!


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