Trendy bags of fall 2013 !

Choosing a bag is usually a hard thing to do for girls from all around the world,you want it to be cute,sometimes big,fashion,in a cool colour that will go with everything ... The problem is when you have just 2 bags and You want to buy a 3rd one its not always that easy because you want to choose one who will be really trendy and we'll never look ugly for anyone, here is some of the best bags of fall 2013

Box clutches are the most chic thing that a woman can carry with her for the evening , i loved them  since i knew fashion , the best ones are jeweled box clutches because they make you look fancy , classy and chic at the same time , isn't that a perfect combinaision? 
The pouch bag isn't a new thing, but it's a wonderful item every fashionable girl should own as it can be a day to night bag .

Whenever you go out, you reach for your trusty black clutch…But that clutch is getting old and tired. If your clutches need an update, or you’re just looking for a new look, why not try the Envelope Clutch? It’s name says it all – it is inspired by the mighty envelope, but re-imagined with the season’s latest trends from color-blocking to studs.

The relaxed vibe of a bucket bag looks best with casual ensembles. Wear them to informal events, such as shopping trips or outdoor concerts. Pair them with vintage inspired pieces such as oversized sweaters or printed blouses for a stylish outfit.
This is one of my absolute favourites , i find it super chic the satchel bag look really fashion at work or to a friends meeting , he also look good in super fluorescent colours and this is what makes him incredible.

This season, handbags and shoulder bags get a svelte new makeover with elongated frames. Sleek and flattering, these ladylike bags keep the volume without all the bulk.

This is like the new bag trend, Animal print bags . Rocking an animal print bag is a great way of adding some edge to a simple outfit , think about it!




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