Heels in vogue 2013

Hello everybody so today we're going to see how to style different pairs of heels , we always have a problem about how to style our outfits with the perfect pair of heels for different occasions , a party,a marriage ;simply a trip to the mall or other places with our friends and family . Altought we want to stay stylish , simple and cute to stay true to our personnal style .
So we're going to see how to style different pairs of heels like i said before those heels will be stilletos , heels with a wedge , with a big heel ,also heels with open toe , louboutins that are my favourite shoes ever, they look fancy and class.I will also talk about a brand new kind of shoes , that are really in vogue in the moment , every Creator on the runway used them it's the heels of geometric shapes like lady gaga's shoes !
 Heels - GirlforSexy White dress and red heels sexy fashion heels high heels fashion pictures fashion ideas red heels
This kind of shoes are really pretty to wear them for every day out with your friends , if you want to look sophisticated and add a touch of style and glamour in your outfit but the best thing to do is to stay confortable in a pair of flats but if your going to spend a quick afternoon with your friends you better look cute all the time so definitely choose the heels ,if the day out will be transformed into a night out with the girls short heels to not hurt your feet too much !
Big heels
About the big heels , they are perfect if you want to stay stylish and comfortable in your shoes , they fit with everything and  they make you look thinner.And let's be honest everybody loves heels but the only problem that we have is that it really hurts so why not wear them and still be comfortable in our shoes , try them you'll love them !
Vogue Fashion
Open toe shoes are really in vogue last summer/spring , they look hot in your feet and  refine your figure , you can wear them with everything , they're just useful pair of shoes to have in your wardrobe for this summer/spring .
Wish I could still wears high heels !! so pretty red soleI'd love my closet to look like this & be filled with these shoes...Hey, a girl can dream.
I really really like this type of shoes , in my point of view they are the best shoes ever they're like so pretty and sophisticated  and the brand "Louboutins" is really known all over the world .Everybody loves louboutins since the beginning of Chritian Louboutin as a shoes Creator , seriously who doesn't wish to have a lot of them ? they make you look classy and have a unique style because they cost so much no one can afford them like if you have the money to buy definitely do it . Lady gaga's shoesshoes by mcqueen. aka lady gaga shoes
This kind of shoes is special , not everybody is able to wear them or simply to appreciate how they look but i personnaly find that they are very pretty to wear because they make you look unique and we don't have this sensation of deja vu , it's a modern type of shoes that are a bit challenging. They look hard to walk with but if you're used to them it's okay !
 So this is the article i hope you liked it and don't forget to share it to your friends, this artile is a bit special because it has been done ith the help of my best friend , Zineb Bouzoubaa, i really appreciate that she helped me for it , love you zizouu,we choosed the pictures and she helped me to wrote the appr√©ciations about the different kinds of heels , Ciao ciao!


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