Hii,Colors and tastes are things that we just can't discuss i'm sure that their is some of you who love to dress all black and have like a Rock&Roll style with pink hair and stuff.Personnaly I love every type of clothes,styles and looks, i just love fashion as you may notice i just like to pass from a look to another and try differnet sort of outfits and make up everyday ( i'll post really soon i hope some pictures of what me and my friends like to wear ); today we're going to talk about How to have the perfect rockstar look and Rock it your own way , hope you like it :) xxx

1.Go through your wardrobe, sorting the clothes into sections; darks, whites, pinks (or other obvious girly clothing), and brights. You can wear pink and look feminine and still rock out! Look through high street stores for tailored waistcoats, belts, and shoes. Obviously, Converse are always good, but New Look have some similar trainers in for $10. Remember, band t-shirts, bags, etc. are a necessity. It's also good to have some plaid shirts; when you wear them loosely with a white T-shirt and a pair of jeans, you look like a grunge rockstar.
Rock and Roll Style #rebel #teen

2.Buy patches and badges, and put them randomly on bags and clothing. It is good to invest in a studded belt. These can be found at Primark, Haze, Voodoo, PacSun, Claire's Accessories, Attitude and New Look. A skinny, bright belt is good too, worn with skinny black, blue, red or white jeans, or drainpipes.

3.Shop around for hair dye or wash in colors, gels and good haircuts. Good style is defined as different and new, whether subtle or extreme. Also standing out and looking weird while remaining confident has always been the key to a good sense of style. Geld, mop tops, scruffy, or long hair are all good idea's. If you prefer having longer hair, a layered hairdo always looks good.
#leather. all black.

4.As for make up, smoldering black up to the eyebrow looks good, as do bright colors with eyeliner and mascara. Look around at trends, but don't be afraid to try a new style. Never wear heavy foundation just for the sake of it, it can cake your face and make you look odd.
Sex, Drugs, Rock 'N Roll

5.Match up your outfits with accessories. If you're a girl, decide whether you want to look like a feminine rock star or a more generalized rock star. For girls that want somewhere in between, try pairing a ripped top with skinny jeans and some Iron Fist heels. Or wearing a dress with combat boots. As for guys, keep it simple. Wear the perfect combination of comfortable and fashionable. Band tee, red skinny jeans, Converse? Shirt with a stereotypical rock icon on it, such as skulls or knives, plain jeans with rips, DC shoes? Whatever rocks your riff. Spiked bracelets are great for any rocker, as well as jelly bracelets and interesting belts.
Private show at my flagship boutique! Xk #kellywearstler

More Tips:
Look around for band merchandise from bands you like.
High black boots are also rockstar like.
It is good to stick to dark colors, but if you feel like wearing brighter colors or patterns, feel free to.
Some people can't wear leather due to their body size and shape but leather jackets are good.
To look like a rock star, carry yourself as one. Be confident and know yourself.
Don't wear skate shoes, unless you skate. No one likes a poser.. Unless you feel comfortable in them.If you do want to wear them, look for a pair of Vans slip on's or another kind of skate shoes that isn't too big.Rockstar Boots


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