Let's talk Crop tops

Crop tops is just the new trend , everyone is wearing them and loves them ,so i decided to talk about it and show you some beautiful crop tops and how you style them :)

crop top (also cropped topbelly shirthalf shirtmidriff shirttummy topshort shirt, and cutoff shirt) is a T-shirt or blouse with the lower part cut off, showing off some of the abdomen. The belly shirt (or half shirt) is a kind of shirt that is cut off from the bottom of the chest.
Cutest Crop Top
Naughty Back Crop Top - Love!
Crop Top & Leather Shorts
Hot Mesh Crop Top
Harem Pants // Lace Crop Top
NYFW Crop Top
Short and Scoop Crop Top
Pharaoh Crop Top
Instinct Crop Top
Crop Top And Skirt Midi
Ying Yang Crop Top
Be In The Rung Cropped Top
Nini Embroidered Crop Top


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