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Honey Hair

September 18, 2013
As seen on: Blake Lively
How to: When going to your stylist, ask for a pretty light brown or dark blonde color with honey highlights around the face—a fresh blonde for fall.
Editor's Pick: For at home try Kelley Van Gogh in Golden Blonde Kit 1, $49,
 Striking Eyes

August 27, 2013

As seen on: Olivia Wilde

How-to: Score another for matchy-matchy trend-watchers. We seriously can't take our eyes off of Olivia Wilde's teal-colored frock and similarly toned eye shadow. The key to making the color pop? Just add water. Dampen the tip of a makeup brush and dab it into powder eye-shadow to intensify the shade—a trick that also makes it last longer on your skin. But draw the line there on match-making and stick with a nude lip, minimal blush and pale nails. 

Editor's pick: MAC Eye Shadow in Parrot, $15,

Breezy Braid

As seen on: Lake Bell

Date: August 21, 2013

How-to: Some hairstyles look a little better as the night wears on. Case in point: this effortless side-braid seen on Lake Bell, which seems like something the laidback actress might have done herself. All that's needed is a quick shot of mousse for some body, and then braid away, focusing only on the lower portion of your hair, below your ear. Tug out some pieces and secure with an elastic right above your ends for a casual, not-trying-too-hard effect. 

Editor's pick: Paul MitchellFlexible Style Sculpting Foam, $26,

Smokier Eye

August 5, 2013
As seen on: Amanda Seyfried
How-to: A smoky eye is pretty dramatic on its own. But if you want to make it even more intense, try riming your eyes with either a liquid or pencil liner, then topping it with a dark eyeshadow—anything from gray to plum to navy looks chic this season. Finish by blurring both the liner and shadow out not just on your top lashes, but a smidge on the bottom set, too. A soft toned lip and minimal blush round out the look without pushing it too far.
Editor's pick: Urban DecaySmoked Eyeshadow Palette, $49, 

Juicy Lips

August 7, 2013
As seen on: Jessica Stam
How-to: These days there's no shortage of lip color options--everything from highly-pigmented stains to waxy color crayons. All that creative energy had lead to some very cool-looking effects. Our summer favorite is the "gelée" lip, a sheer-yet-rich streak of color similar to the kind Jessica Stam has been wearing lately. Our advice for how to cop a similar pout: reach for a gloss balm, a mash-up of a lip balm and gloss that gives you a fresh, juicy texture minus any stickiness. Do some experimenting of your own by layering on more or less to adjust the intensity. And since it has a lightweight consistency that melts right into your lips, no blotting is required. Genius.
Editor's pick: GIVENCHY Gelée D'Interdit Smoothing Gloss Balm Crystal Shine, $29,

Polished Brows

August 1, 2013
As seen on: Diane Kruger
How-to: Summer might be all about more wild, less tamed looks. But not for brows—neatly groomed arches should never take a season off. To keep yours in good shape in between brow appointments, invest in a good pair of Tweezers (we're fans of Mehaz Rubis) and fill in any gaps with a soft, smooth brow pencil that melts into your skin for a natural finish. Set with a brow gel, which you brush on like mascara, to keep any errant hairs and strays from looking straggly.
Editor's pick: Nars Brow Perfector, $22, and Brow Gel, $22,

Sexy Bun

June 12, 2013

As seen on: Taylor Swift

How-to: Can a bun be sexy? When it's left a little undone, the answer is yes. Start by applying a mousse through damp hair and blowdry with a round brush for soft volume. Pile your hair up into a high ponytail, then wrap the tail around the base loosely. Finish by pulling out a few pieces to frame your face, or letting this happen naturally as you move through the night. 

Editor's pick: Redken Full Frame 07 Protective Volumizing Mousse, $16.50,
Credits to:Harper Bazaar Magazine


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