Busy girl outfits for winter or how to save time when you're late.

Hellloooo,today I'm going to show you how to find a quick and fashionable outfit for the winter,if you're a lazy lazy girl like me you gonna love this article.I believe everybody need to know this in his life because if you're not an always busy girl,you must have some problems in the morning to choose the perfect outfit of the day ( #OOTD on instagram,follow me:@thefashiondressing ) , It honestly took me to 15 minutes minimum to find THE perfect outfit , somedays I'm just like I don't care I'm going in my pyjama ( I don't do that lol,but I could..) On this amazing time of the year ( christimas,new year eve.. ) I think that it's really simple to dress it up for the day you just have to choose the good items that will be good for your day.
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1.Infinity scarf:
So you're running late every time you have a rendez vous with someone? That's pretty simple , for the first tip,WEAR AN INFINITY SCARF and if you don't already have one , BUY IT , this is like so important girls I'm not even kidding this thing saved my life several times , best thing in the world for winter when it's chilly outside and you want to be warm but stay fashionable,better choose a colorful one or one in a pop color because in winter we like to wear really dark colors in our sweaters and pants so why not put a scarf that will pop the outfit , just wear your regular black pants with your boring sweater that you wear like 3 times a week ,some combats boots ( or other boots ) and throw on top of it the scarf and your outfit will look really elaborated if it's even more colder put a nice cardigan and go outside.


Leggings can turn into your favourite bestfriends for the winter time as it's super comfy and feminine ,plus it looks great on every body shape , if it's really too cold outside put under it some really big tights , I'd rather put some oxblood leggings or some random legging which is in other colour apart from black cause it will make the outfit interesting and not boring at all, black on black is not cool uh? 


Jingle bells,jingle bells , jingle all the way.I love christimas,and christimas cardigans are my favourites , this time of the year just make me happy , I love the decorations,the food,the joy,the presents,every little thing about this time of the year is absolutely amazing ,when it's cold outside you just don't want to wake up and want to stay at home eating chocolate and watching movies but YOU CAN'T cause you have work to do and you are so late because you didn't wake up early in the morning plus you have to take a shower (do it at night it save so much time in the morning) , wear beautiful clothes,put your make up on , take your breakfast and everything else,but you can find nothing to wear , my advice to you would be wear some random pants ( not jeans or you'll look way too casual) and your fav' sweater and tatatata A CARDIGAN , if you want to buy one choose a white one because it will go with everything and you won't have to buy several ones.

4.The make up:

Keep it simple,you're already late so why putting tons of make up on your face , choose concelor instead of foundation and just put some on you blemishes and dark circles , can't find you blush? Take a little bit of pink lipstick and use it as a blush , choose neutral eyeshadow because you don't have time to apply perfectly your eyeshadow , draw a tiny line of eyeliner put some lipstick on and gooooooo!

4.The breakfast:

Stay healthy,eat some corn flakes with berries or any other healthy fruits , pancakes ( not that healthy haha) , croissants , and the most important thing coffee , breakfast is the most important thing in the morning, it can make or break your day , well I'm saying that and I don't even do that this is so bad I know !


The first one must be the most accurate, I can relate, every day in my life is a bad hair day.A beanie is always a cool thing to put on if you want to look cool but it also keeps you warm , I love it in the winter when its snowing it really keeps me warm , choose a cute one that you can wear everytime and everywhere,but you have to stay unique.

The hair must be one of the most important parts for me , I have a curly hair and it's really difficult to make it look cute every day I have to wash it every two days and this is not cool believe me if you have a curly hair like me just let it be haha , let it flow all over your body , curly hair doesn't like to be tied up , it likes to be free , curly hair girls are free souls girls.If you have the cool hair ( I like to call it like that ) and you're running late put it into a messy bun
 , a pony tail or just let it flow and you'll look good just brush it !! 

7.The day:

Finally found it , one of the best websites in the world guys , FOOD WEBSITE , foodpanda.com is a website that shows you different restaurants that are near  you or all around your country you just have to choose what type of food you're looking for and they search for you  a nice restaurant , they deliver pretty much everywhere ( you have to check out their website to know the countries ) , If you are a moroccan like me there is hellofood.ma which is really cool because you can actually enter the name of the district where you live or where you are at the moment and they show you the different restaurants around it and you just have to choose , if you're at home you choose a restaurant and they deliver to you ,you just have to pay when it arrives ( which is really cool),I've became obssesed about this website which also exists in application (appstore and android) so it is really easy to order.

Well this was my little website love that I wanted to share with all of you guys and I hope you liked this article.


  1. je te félicite pour ce merveilleux blog bne continuation bisou

    1. Bonjour Hasnae , je suis super contente que sa te plaise, lis le de temps en temps je poste des articles interessants et qui pouuraient te plaire :)

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