Matching colors..

Hellooo,matching colors must be one of the girls first world problem,somtimes it's really hard for us when all our clothes are in the washing machine and have nothing to wear except some old stuff that we don't like that much , I'm here to help you all to know how to match your clothes colors and how to style them and make the outfit look goood even if you're wearing two different colors.
You've all seen those incredibly beautiful models that everything suits,Jealous?I know that feel, you certainely want to look that fabulous , it's pretty simple actually you just have to find the clothes and colors that make you look beautiful and don't worry I'm here to help you.

The first thing to remember is that there is 4 types of colors the neutral colours ( black,white,grey),the cold colors (blue,green,blue tones of purple),the warm colours ( red,yellow,orange,pink,pink tones of purple) and finally the warm neutrals ( cream,beige,tan and brown)

Let's get into the real thing, there is exactly two things that you absolutely have to remember,DO NOT WEAR COMPLEMENTARY COLOURS ( as red-orange and blue-green for example) if you're not super confident in the way you dress don't do that mistake it won't look good and you'll look like you don't know how to wear your clothes ,but do wear the analogous ones like blue-violet and violet you'll look super cute and confident in the way you dress,because that's the point actually.

-Fashion advice:

1.If you're wearing an all black outfit don't wear with it brown shoes , it usually don't match it , but if you only have brown shoes and have to wear them with your long black dress for exemple,accessorize it with brown accessories so it won't look like a fashion faux pas and you'll be good.

2.For fall, do mix brown with warm neutrals,it looks good and matches the colours of fall,I love to do that.

3.Don't exceed 3 colours on an outfit , choose for example green,yellow-green and yellow ( if you're blonde it will match you even more)

Little red dress..
All in Black Outfit - #Leathered and #Zipped #Skirt
Pointed Edge ( Skirts & Blazers )
W E ∆ R | BOHO
Sway through the streets in a sassy sweater, lace-up high heel boot, colored skinny jean, and a basic button-up. Jazz up the look with a bold print clutch and shades.
Mustard hi lo dress


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