What I'd wear : Winter back to school

Back to school is a hard hard hard thing to live , espicially when you're at high school and have tons of work and exams , but being sad doesn't have to make you go to school in your pyjamas , I've made for ya all some outfits that I'm pretty sure you'll like ( or hope so ) , I tried to still make it wearable , like if you live somwhere which is really cold , you still can wear those outfits ,you can also find the links to pretty much every item after each picture , I hope you'll like it ,  don't forget to drop a comment and share the post :)
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This outfit is one of my favourites , I own the boots actually ,mine are leather . I'm a black lover so for this and the next outfit I tried to give myself a challenge , not involve the color black in the outfit ( didn't fail , the boots doesn't count ) , tried my best tought ,grey is one of my favourite color too,I like to wear it in fall and winter , its a cold colour so it fits pretty well with the weather here.I've been going crazy for those fluffy crop sweaters lately ( as you can see in the next outfit ) , this one seem so comfortable and cozy! I wanted the outfit to be girly and glam , so I didn't pair jeans with it , I think the white skirt goes pretty well with it , I added grey tights so you can stay warm and glam !
The heels/boots are here to even more show how much the outfit is girly and I love it !
Grey top:

Fluffy , fluffy , fluffy all the way , a little pink girly outfit with shorts that you can wear in fall/winter/spring , it's really cool,and I love the colours , I wanted to make the outfit less boring , so i've added this cute little hand of fatma necklace in blue , it's girly and chic , the bracelet is really pretty too , I picked this pink fluffy crop sweater to make the outfit interesting,the shorts are really cool tought , they seem like they're a skirt but it's actually not , this is what I really liked on them , wearing white in winter can be hard but still is cute so Just Do It , for the shoes I honestly didn't know what to pick so I just picked white sneakers , it's always cool to wear sneakers , it's really comfy and you stay cool all day so why not?

Last outfit is this Black and Red one that can be really cool for school , it's kind of hipster , I lovee the sweater , it looks like the one that Miley Cyrus was wearing in one of her pictures ( hers is long) the pants are just some black and red ones that goes really well with the sweater and make the outfit more interesting and sophisticated , the coat is simple , black but still cute , and nice ,I love the bag , it's the item that I heart the most in that outfit it's pretty simple right but have this I don't know what that make him so pertty and the shoes,let's talk about the shoes,are you not loving them? if you're not , I'm judging you so baad, they're like so my kind of shoes , They're black , simple but yet incredibly gorgeous.

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