The Fenna Box , new concept... for me !

Hello fashionistas,today I just wanted to introduce you to another wonderful people that I meet weeks ago , it's the Fenna team, Fenna is a new concept in my country , it just propose a box , a monthly box actually,which is full of cute things that will really help you during your periods , IT HELPED ME SO IT CAN HELP ANYBODY,I received it days ago and was so excited about it as it was the first time that I saw that box concept , I just think that It can be really interesting for moroccan girls to discover like I did I'm sure that they love it , and guess what? they do deliver worldwide , it only costs 12 US dollars ( 95 dhs );basically when I received it I opened it and found beautiful stuff into it, like Ferrero Rocher chocolate ( my fav's ) , some protection , a hand cleaner , some vanilla tea and my monthly gift , which is this beautiful dress handkerchief of make-up that I actually used to put my nailpolishes as I've got a loooooooot,if you want me guys to do a nailpolish collection just share this post and it will be here by the power of magic.When I start openning the little gifts in the box, I found the cutest panties i've ever seen , like look at these pink ones they're like so cute ,I've tested the Vanilla tea already but didn't like it that much it was too bitter at my taste.
Well guys I think you've understood that you absolutely have to check them out , here is the link to their website : and hope you'll like it xx


  1. j'adoooooore et ma box était génial (votre fidèle cliente Hasnae Andaluza)


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