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Hey Hey,I know that fall is end and I just saw that I didn't post my sweather weather article yet .You may all know the sweather weather TAG from youtubers , well I've just convert it into a Blogger mode,I will just talk about what I've liked this fall , what I recommend to you all to use this winter because fall is nearly finished but let's get into it, I hope you'll enjoy the article .
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1.What is your favourite candle for Fall/winter?

Vanilla,Vanilla one of my favourite smells, when I smell this candle it reminds me of snow ( snow with a vanilla smell WEIRD ! ) if I had to describe how I feel when I smell it I'd say : incredibly good , Vanilla always make you feel good,it can be ice cream , food , drink , lotions everytime you smell Vanilla it just makes you happy , I live in a country where it doesn't snow everywhere you have to cross miles to arrive to the nearest ski station or just a place where it snows but it still gets really cold in here , smelling a perfumed candle always relaxes you , if you don't already have one think about buying one or two just to try it it leaves a great perfume in you bedroom and makes you feel good.
2.Coffee,tea or hot chocolate?

I'm not that into Coffee , don't really like it , hot chocolate is good too but takes too much time to prepare , sooo guess who's the winner? Tadadam , TEA , I just love tea , I love being relaxed and chill drinking a hot cup of tea or whatever looks like tea , Lipton tea is one of my absolute favourite it can be ice tea or reagular tea, I honestly don't care , When I have free time and knows that I'll just be watching a serie or a film in my room I always like to drink some hot tea to stay warm and cozy.
I'd like to know what is your favourite :)
3.What's the best fall memory you have?

The best fall memory I have? Actually I do it every year , just take a blanket , some hot tea,my pc and cuddle with myself , It's like my favourite thing to do every time I got some free time actually ( which doesn't happen a lot , but now it's holidaaays ) , so I just sit and think and enjoy being alone so I can destress and think about some other stuff  than school and bad thoughts.

4.Which makeup trend do you prefer : dark lips or winged eyeliner?

Can't choose between the two of them , I love dark lipstick because it's really cool at fall or winter when everything is cold and white and you just pop out of this boring landscape with your dark red lips,just a little tip about dark lips make up don't mix winged eyeliner with it ,opt for a nude eyes and ddark lips , the result will be stunning.I wear winged eyeliner every day like really everyday it can be blue , green,black , I always wear it winged ,I wear the evryday wing ( look at the picture ) and if I want to play it fancy I weear the Feline one :)
What do you prefer dark lips or winged eyeliner?

5.What is the best book to read in cold days?

Because I'm sooo obssessed with Dan Brown's books it's pretty normal that I'll choose one of them but because I just can' t choose I'll recommend all the books in this picture , Lost symbol must be one of my favourites its more like the continuation of the Da Vinci Code that you must all know the existence of it , the film is super great must watch! but yeah I've read the Da Vinci Code , Lost Symbol but didn't read yet angles and deamons seems great though ; so those are the books that I recommend you to read if you like this kind of US plot subject books you'll love it !

6. What is your favourite body lotion?

I don't use a lot of body lotions for my body this is why I only have small sized lotions like those from Yves rocher , my favourite is the vanilla one again , I use it sometimes after I shower so I can feel fresh and good to face the hard day that is waiting for me outside but yeah if you don't already got a body lotion that you like I'll recommend you this one it moisturize and make you smell good for the whole day.

7.What is automn weather like where you live?

In one word RAIN, it doesn't snow where I live but it rains a lot  and it is also really cold , I like rain when i'm home , chilling and doing nothing of my day  but I hate it when I'm out or at school because it really makes me want to sleep and this is not cool for me plus it's really cold and I have to dress warm , dressing warm include wearing everything black and layering a lot,when it's cold outside I always go for dark colours and this is not always pratical for me because I do like coloured clothes but in winter I can only find dark clothing !

8.Most worn sweater?

Absolutely my turquoise one that I got from turkey last year  , I don't really remember the name of the store it was something like LC waikiki , so great , when I saw I've just jumped on it like litteraly and bought it without even checking the price,they're wasn't a lot left so I just took it.As you can see it's just a normal turquoise sweater in knit though so it's pretty warm plus I love the colour , this colour is one of my favs :) 

9.Must have nail polish?

LOOOOOVE OPI nailpolish but this one is like omg the best I love love love the colour , I wear it all the time it's like this pinky red nailpolish that is super cool for fall or winter , OPI nail polish is a little bit expensive (must be the reason why I only have one haha and a thousands more others ) 

10.Skinny jeans or leggings?

Oxblood leggings without any hesitation , they are my favourites right now , they look incredibly good and the colour is wonderful , you can dress it up so easily with that and I just love it , I think I've already talked about my obssession for them in another article but I honestly can't  remember .

11.Combat boots or Uggs?

Black combat boots , a basic , everybody should have a pair of these , it's so cool when you don"t want to think a lot about what you're wearing but still want to look sophisticated , the combat boots go with every style it can be rock chic,grungy or regular it really goes with everything .

11.Favourite online website?

Roseroseshop is one of my absolute korean cosmetics website right now , you should check it out guys ,you won't be disappointed , here is the link:http://www.roseroseshop.com/en/

This is it guys I hope you enjoyed the article,talk to you later xoxo 


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