Keep it simple for holidays

Hi guys,hope you're all having a nice christimas and new year eve holidays , today I've decided to put together an outfit for those who don't like ton dress it up too much on this holidays , want to dress simply but still want to look sophisticated,I'll put the links to everything that I 'll talk about ,some pieces are from the website:
It's actually an australian website , who does sell a lot of cute things :)

I tried to keep the outfit simple but still is sophisticated and thought about , let's start with the shorts , I have a problem with the colour black as you can see , I love black it's like an obssession , I have tons of black clothes in my wardrobe and this is soo bad , don't copy me ! I love the lace on the shorts , it's so fancy and cute , what is cool with this shorts is that you can also put it at work or school because it's not that fancy , it costs AUD 119.95 and here is the link to it:
The peplum top is a must have which is cool about it is that you can so simply convert it into whatever you want to , check out my peplum article :
this purple one is absolutely stunning,I didn't wanted to do a totally black outfit and thought about a colour that will be cute and fashionable at the same time, I love purple so I've just choose it , this one costs AUD 38.42 , link :
and let's finish the outfit with jewelry , I've been loving this kind of necklaces lately ,absolutely stunning , you can just wear it with whatever you want to ,I believe that a jewelry can make or break your outfit this kind of necklaces can totally make it , I don't wear a lot of jewelry but I still like it , it costs AUD 22.95 , link:
I choosed finally to put a hat on top of that because a hat always make a difference and can make you look really cute , the leather jacket is here just to make the outfit original and not boring and too much simple and let's not forget the shoes ( you can find the same on any website actually but they can be a little bit expensive ),I choosed this clutch to match the peplum top colour but also to make the outfit a little bit more classy.Well I hope you liked the article and have a good holidays :)
Heyyy I've just created a new fb page where I'll post there my latest creations on polyvore , it will give you some style inspiration and outfit ideas :


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