Vintage you're my first love..

Vintage?we hear this word every day in the fashion world,it became really in vogue to wear " vintage clothes" but what is vintage?why does it became so much in vogue?why does people wear it/love it? 
Vintage is every clothing piece that have more than 20 years , pencil skirts (yes,they're not that young,if you're a teen ask your mother she used to wear these to work) , puffy skirts and dress,polka dot dresses,big heels etc.. Are not the invention of the 21 century.
Polka dot dresses are one of my favourites in fashion it can just take any colour,can look fancy,casual , dressy,like this is the perfect dress, in our 2013 days we will not wear the dress as it is on the picture , we'll certainely wear it without the big collar,a little bit shorter , with your hair flowing all over your dress , with heels or flats with a big statement necklace to make the outfit less boring or if you don't have that a colorblock bag will look good.
When you say modern vintage this is exactly how I see it a short dress with a fade colour , a big hat, cute heels ,a big cat eyeliner line ,red lipstick and this is it. This kind of dress was worn by the women on the 80's at the beach but the times had changed and girls wear shorter clothes and still look fabulous .
Pleated skirts are like the coolest thing on earth like seriously it fits with everything,it exists on different shapes,every girl can wear it and rock it ,but well I've already wrote a whole article about it , if you didn't read it , here isthe link,hope you like it:
So you want to wear vintage bit still look modern?This is pretty simple take a nice blouse ,long or short sleeves no ond really cares, a pleated skirt short or long again it's not a problem , if it's frizzing socks if it's not you don't need it , then the most important thing in the whole outfit is the bag,it must look vintage or you'll look like a hipster.Let's be clear , being a hipster doesn't make you a fashionista or even in vogue , you just look like somebody who want to impress people with what he just bought for 50$ and which looks vintage but is not. In the shoes you'd better choose oxfords or flats , heels will not look cool with that look .
You didn't maybe pay attention to it but this kind of dresses became so in vogue ,every fashionable girl  own one,even though she doesn't wear it a lot,if you have a puffy dress like this one make it look even more feminin by wearing heels with it and if you want it to look more modern put a cardigan at the top of it , red or pink lipstick , don't wear too much make up , nobody likes it.
Pencil skirts were super cool in the 80's and early 90's , the classic prints like the ones on the picture were the must have thing, this girl tried to make the outfit more modern and I think she just nailed it , the cardigan , the hat and the necklaces really make the difference , I love it .
Big statement necklace,this one is really vintage but you can totally replace it with another one which will be more modern , this kind of necklaces can totally change an outfit from boring black dress to super classy black dress , it's not bizzare that the designers choosed to make it in vogue a second time, I'm personnaly totally in love with this kind of necklaces,if you don't already have ine ,buy it and try it , you'll love it.
Flower prints and sunnies are also vintage items glories , everybody know has his floral pants,skirt or dress , it's a must have for summer as it looks super cute and flaterring on everybody , the sunnies are a funny thing it make you have your personnal style,you'll not be boring like everybody.


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