How to wear it:Collars!

Hello,Collars were so in vogue last year and this year , they were like the fashion item that you must have in your wardrobe , there is a lot of types of collars , you can put a collar on a shirt just to make him look Fancy , you know guys how much i like clothes to look fancy haha,well,collar shirts are disponible in different shapes :
Well the last line of collars wasn't really in vogue as it's old collard that our grandparents use to wear.Collars are still really in vogue as it makes you look really ladylike even though it's not a real lady detail,it  was more used by men who wore it with shirts.I personnaly really like those collars it really make your outfit look interesting and sophisticated, we will see right now some examples of what i'm talking about .
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Collars Gone Crazy!
The association of the colors in this sweater is quite interesting , i love how the blue color really makes the sweater pop , the addtion of the collar with the little details make it even more interesting,you can for example wear this kind of sweater with a basic pair of jeans and a nice long bag and you'll look fabulous like always ! :) 
Gemma Lister / Collars
If you want to add a collar to an outfit , you have to choose the right collar for your outfit , in this picture i really like le gold leather,the gold sequin,the pink leather,the black velvet ruffle,the black sequin collar and my favourite the navy velvet and rhinestone one,so basically the ones that I choosed can fit with everything, the gold leather one for example can really make an outfit look gorgeous!
pearls on collars make us happy
This shirt is sewn with the collar, those types of shirt were really useful in summer as you can just put a random one with a pair of jeans or some pants even skirts it looks even more feminin and you're good for the day !
If you want to stay simple or look fabulous at a party, collars will be your best friends,the gold ones and the ones with the detalling (like faux diamonds..) can make your outfit look great if you don't want to put a dress on for the party even though dresses with collars exist and are really cool.If you want to stay simple all day but yet cute,the collar will also really help you ,you can put a collar shirt on and style it with a nice skirt or pants , some flats/heels et voilà!:)
kaleidosmode: Collars, Collars and more Collars!
This is the cutest fashion trick ever, if you're wearing a simple shirt with a collar and want to make your outfit look good for the people you're meeting or something , you just have to put a necklace ( rather a short one ) and it'll totally change your outfit from regular to sophisticated !
DIY Collar by StarWatchCat


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