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Hello,how are you all? I hope you're doing fine, well guys today is such an important day for this blog because there is some change; I went to a friend's house, the girl on the pictures, one of my best friends , we shot some great pictures for my brand feature with the amazing online website J mannequin :, it has some great dresses and jumpers that I'm sure every one of you will absolutely like.Let's get into it :
The black seetrough shoulder evening dress is one of my absolute favourites I like the Lace detailing it  makes it look so fancy worn with a big statement necklace , the necklace better be in a bright color , because the dress is black and you don't want to look black all the way,with this dress I opted for regular black heels but you can definetely play with the colors and try a different one.

Absolutely in love with the black Lace , so fancy.
I'm wearing the dress today and I can tell that the quality of it is just fantastic , like guys you absolutely have to get you one of these it only costs 24.00 £ ( link:
In love with this one , if you like it drop a comment below :)

Nope this is not a dream, this dress also has Lace details on the shoulders, so it will make a nice dress for this winter ( with black tights like i'm doing today) or for SUMMER ! Alright you won't have to pay for a dress twice , this one can make the two seasons , it also has those little Lace things going down.In brief you've understood that I'm just in love with this dress, the clothhing brand also have some amazing Jumpers that doesn't cost that much at all , check it out.

Love this one too, looks like a card , but is absolutely gorgeous for a day outfit with summer,winter or spring,it's so fresh and Young,when I first saw it on the website I was like god I need this ! 
Well I have so many clothes I just don't even know where to put them but I still need new clothes every time,Shopaholic here! this dress is in navy blue and goes with absolutely everything 

Love it? Buy it ! This is my currency , don't hesitate it only costs 25.00 £ , Comes from london to wherever you are.Love the hearts and everything on it , the dress is pretty short so don't forget to put some tights if you want to wear it in winter . Believe me you will love it , I never lie to my readers.

And here comes my favourite one the black sleeveless cat design dress.Want to know why I like it so much? It looks vintage , god this dress is just perfect , dress it it with a necklace some feminine accessories Nude heels some lipstick and you're good ! You guys know my abssession for vintage clothes and this one is my crush when , it's still for summer because it's pretty cold here and I don't want to take a cold so I'm going to wait to put this one.

And no unfortunately this is not Pacman prints , the game that changed my childhood, this is cute little cats , but I still like the dress , the texture of it is flowy , good for spring or summer , it super feminine and make you look super fresh , link to it?
This one is so cheap , only costs 17.00 £ and I'm in love with it !

Well hope you liked this article don't forget the visit J mannequin website :
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