Street Style Fall 2.0

Promise to say the truth nothing but the truth! did you ever walked in the street and looked at what the girls were wearing,judging them and loving or not their outfits? don't say no, it's okay everybody does it ,I admit it.Well you must have guessed what today subject is.You're right,street style but because it's more frizzy outside we will talk about Fall/winter street style and how some fashionable and insparing women dress for this cold season when we just want to wear our big jumper, some leggings and a comfy pair of uggs some people are bringing the fall fashion style to a whole new level.
Fall street style
As you might know,Snow white is super in vogue for this season , you should absolutely get you a white coat or another white item if you don't already have one,to don't look too white don't forget to wear shoes or a bag in a different color to make the outfit more sophisticated and good looking.White color get quickly dirty and this is the reason why many people don't wear it that much in coats or pants just be careful and rock the snow white look this year!
Fall Street Style
A hat is always cool! afraid to look weird? why? Those kind of hats are worn by thousands of fashionable girls , the hat makes all the outfit without it the outfit would not look like the same at all , just do it , it's okay , if you have a remark from somebody just tell him that it's in vogue and let him talk , you'll look fabulous anyway so where is the problem? Buy a hat , it's always cool to have one plus I love how this girl make it really remarkable.
Perfect Fall Street Style
Boots all the way sweetie,If you ask me what's the fashion statement that you must have for this fall/winter I'd probably say high heeled boots long or short ,Leather or dear boots are always a great thing when it's chilly outside , you want to stay warm but at the same time look cute , here is a tip , put heeled boots a big coat some random jumper and great leggings and you're ready for the day want to look even more great? add a hat , the black hat is your best friend, as not everybody puts hats those days to go out , your outfit will look so elaborated and cool,remember that!
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Stay girly and chic, oh my god , another picture with a hat I just can't I just love them.Wear a skirt , skirts are so girly and cute if you feel like you will not be freazing all day wear the skirt without anything under but if it's too cold for you definitely wear some big tights to stay warm,fashion is great but don't deprive yourself from being warm because you want to look gorgeous.Wear the skirt with a knit crop top as in the picture or a simple big oversized sweater .
Fall Street Style
A blouse under a jumper ? it's possible and looks super cute, we finally find the solution for the warm/gorgeous problem , take an old blouse that you don't really like button it to the top and then put a sweater on it,just believe me and try it, you'll love it, don't forget to add some accessories to stay chic and girly.


  1. love seeing street styles, the first on is my favorite. such a gorgeous coat.


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