Shine in Pink

Cute pink outfit. I'd wear different heels though
my favorite shoe | via Tumblr
Pastel Pinky Cozy Combo
love this outfit for a winter beach engagement shoot.  minus the heels, of course.
Mix it up - pink outfit, turquoise ring and nails, yellow gold rings and bracelets.
Barbie dress

Hi,isn't pink the cutest color ever?
Well it took me a lot of time obviously to write this article but pink isn't really the number 1 color in my wardrobe I honestly don't wear it much but I'm not selfish and know perfectly that there's out there a lot of girls who are crazy about this color.
Which is cool with pink is that you can not go wrong with it , want to wear a black top with pink skirt? fine , the color makes everything incredibly girlish and cute like this neon pink dress with the black necklace ( one of my favourites) , it can be a winter color ( pink sweaters,coats..) and a spring/summer one ( Dresses,skirts,swimsuits..)
Although pink is one of the rare colors with no negative associations, it also is one of the least popular colors. According to surveys in Europe and the United States, pink was the favorite color of only two percent of respondents, compared with forty-five percent who chose blue. It was the least-favorite color of seventeen percent of respondents; the only color more disliked was brown, with twenty percent. There was a notable difference between men and women; three percent of women chose pink as their favorite color, compared with less than one percent of men. Many of the men surveyed were unable to even identify pink correctly, confusing it with mauve. Pink was also more popular with older people than younger; twenty-five percent of women under twenty-five called pink their least favorite color, compared with only eight percent of women over fifty. Twenty-nine percent of men under the age of twenty-five said pink was their least favorite color, compared with eight percent of men over fifty.



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