Lace is all the rage

What defines a woman is how classy she is , the outfit can really make or break a lady.Lace have always been one of the most used materials on a lady's outfit it is cute , elegant and never old-fashioned. 2014 is full of new trends and fashionable materials but today I choosed to introduce you to Lace because I really think that it is quiet immortal as a material and have been used during decades by different women in order to look sophisticated , although lace was replaced on the catwalks thanks to fashion designers and remodelled to be able to be worn by every woman of the 21st century.

Best Lace Clothing For Spring 2012 Photo 16

Invited to a family wedding or you're just too lazy to put pants on on this hot summer/spring afternoon? What about this lace dress , I'm personnaly in love with this one because it's classy and nice at the same time and this is what Lace is all about being natural , the color white is just the most perfect one for a dress and I think I need to find one .

these violent delights have violent ends

You think that Lace clothes are old school? Can you please take a look at this perfect pink skirt ?This is just the fabulous skirt to rock on a sunny day with a cool blouse and some flats and the colour is just crazy , Love the details too ! 


Lace cheer top , isn't that perfect? like look at the detailing I think it's gorgeous , it's like romantic with a touch of sassy thanks to the jean shorts , the outfit is really cute , which is cool about lace is that you can wear it with pretty much anything it will still be adorable.

Love this skirt...

And how can I not put a black item , you guys know my obssession for this color , I prefer white lace though but black is still an awesome color to put on for every circumstance , I don't even know why I like it this much . This skirt is quiet a vintage one , it is long ,black with awesome detailing I would totally rock it with a white shirt so I won't be wearing an all black outfit .

Let's finish it with some designer clothes , this ones are from Zuhair Murad new 2014 collection that I'm kind of obssessed about , Zuhair is one of my favourite Fashion Designers you should check out his work you will be astonished by how perfect his dresses look and I wanted to share with you those today because red is a beautiful color and those are my favourite ones.

“You're wearing a lace thong?" Dolly clapped her hands. "That's absolutely perfect for romance.” 
― Peggy WebbThe Mona Lucy


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