Trending shoes of 2014

Shoes have always been a big passion for every girl , for me clothes are more important than shoes but I'm still crazy about them , I love every type of shoes but there's still some shoes trends that you have to look for when you must buy a new pair of shoes ,I'm here to help you find out what are the trending shoes for winter 2014.
First of all,HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014,I hope this year will be the most amazing of your life guys and I just wish you love, success and hapiness for this new year!
but let's get back to the real work , naturally they'll still be some last season shoe trends that will still stay here this season two,I'm talking about the comfy Uggs that nobody can replace , but we still have some new trends that I'm sure you'll be happy to know about.


A basic , everybody loves stilettos from the working girl to the fashionable one , everyone likes to wear stilettos to look glamourous all day long with a little bit of a lady like style those are the greatest shoes to show off the personality of a strong woman who is ready to take over the world.I've been personally going crazy for those shoes , they look so fabulous and classy at the same time on feet,those have been worn during decades by women all over the world and they're back to make us dream again!

2.Velvet shoes:

blue velvet shoes

A great way to pop an outfit out , my advice to you today will be : If you are a girl who likes to wear casual clothes , jeans/shirt/jacket , put everything on the shoes , they should be classy and why not velvet and in a colour like blue or red or whatever instead of dark.Shoes with a cute print like this one is always cool to wear if you don't want to dress it up too much,I think this will be a great trend this year ans I'm sure that you'll find your hapiness in this kind of shoes .

3.Ballerina Flats:

Celebrity Street Style Taylor Swift 47

Must be the comfiest shoes ever,everybody has a pair of these,they're a must have , they surely don't get old-fashioned but last year the trend wasn't a lot in their favour , I still love them and think they look pretty cute on a girl , even though they're a little bit too simple for me but we still can find printed ones and this is what make me that optimistic ,so don't forget to buy yourself a nice pair of ballerina flats for this spring because believe me they will be all the rage.

4.Laced up and cut-out booties:

Zara lace up booties
Metal Buckle Cut Out Boots | Choies

I'm not going to lie I'm pretty obssessed about these , the cut-out and laced up booties are my favourites , you can't really wear them in winter but that's ok you have to suffer to be beautiful,you can find them in a lot of colours but the black one is a basic and still is my favourite but it's my opinion you can choose whatever yoou want,the cut-outs and the lace up are a new thing,I've searched for it before the trend and didn't really found ones so you can say this is a new trend plus they can really make an outfit be cool with really whatever you want to put on , if you want to chill all day you can wear the cut-out booties but if you want to look classy and know you're not going to walk a lot totally choose the lace up boots!

5.Gladiator shoes:

Azzedine Alaïa studded open lace up stilettos.

Gladiator shoes are back , I'm like so excited about this trend , I've been waiting so long to wear again those little babies , I've been thinking of buying ones since last fall but wasn't sure about them so now I'm not going to think about it twice.I think that the gladiator shoes can really make a difference on an outfit , for the winter you'd rather buy short ones but for spring or summer the long ones are really cool as you can just put on a denim outfit shorts,jacket and white top and put your gladiator shoes and you'll look so great,I'm really excited to try this look this spring to see how it will look on me.
Velvet shoes,Gladiator shoes,Ballerina flats,stilettos,cut-out and laced up shoes are for me the most trending shoes for this winter 2014 , the trend is a little bit more for the comfort this winter but still is glamourous and feminine , I'm really happy about those trends and couldn't ask for better myself,I hope you're happy about them too!

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