Colour of the month:Grey

"I believe very strongly that when it comes to desire, when it comes to attraction, that things are never black and white, things are very much shades of grey."

Brian Molko 


Every month give birth to a new fashion statement , this month the colour grey is honored , grey have always been one of my favourite colours , I don't wear it a lot but it's nice to have a piece of grey on an outfit.

I didn't wanted to make a total grey look , so I just picked some nice items in grey that I got to like this month: the grey coat , a must have , in rainy days girls don't like to wear colorful crazy clothes, they just prefer a nice black or grey coat .Most of the girls would like to take a simple grey coat as a winter coat but I'll personnaly prefer a coat with black dots , it's simple but at the same time give you that little thing that will make you look quiet different from the others.
The grey pants;strangely this one would be more as a summer pant but you can totally wear it in winter as jeans with a cute sweater.
Grey shoes;they are pretty hard to find,I like them in Uggs or in heels , but the colour grey doesn't look good on every type of shoe ,it's still nice to wear.
Grey beanies; must be the coolest colour for a beanie , like you can buy a black one but you'll look like everyone , it's really important to be unique , and grey beanies rule for that , if you have like a hipster or even grungy look or you're just a regular girl who don't want to take a cold I think this kind of beanies are great.
Nailpolish,I'm a fanatic of nailpolishes , I just love them , I have a lot of thel and I like the colour grey in fall and winter , it's a nice colour to wear , looks amazing , I highly recommend OPI ones they look sophisticated and clean.
The grey sweater,I have like 3 of them , it's definitely one of my most worn colours for this season , I don'tknow , grey is just a nice colour to wear in the cold months , you can look cozy and match the environnement .
The bag , well you certainely can't afford a Prada one, I can't afford one lol,but it's nice to dream , which is pretty cool with grey bags is that you can wear them everywhere at everytime , every season of every month , they are just so practice , they look good at everytime of the year , but you still have to find the perfect one.
With the help of:Sabrine and Ikram 


  1. Life in GREY <3 <3 Fabulous *.*
    Great article ;)


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