So Chic nail bar

Hello pretty readers , I just had the busiest week of my life that was crazy guys , but here I am writing a new article for you , this one is for my people , Moroccans, I recently got to be introduced to the owner of one of the fanciest nail bars of Casablanca , So Chic nail bar , it's a wonderful concept , were you can just chill with your friends while having a "pose vernis" ( having your nails done) , you can choose from hundreds of nailpolishs frm the most famous brands as OPI ...
so I went there and got the nails of my hand and feet done to try it out so I can give you all my point of view and here is what I got :

The concept is very american like , you can just make an appointment and bring your food with you and get you nails done , it's really cool , the staff is adorable , the owner is also a very nice woman if you get to chat with her she'll want to be friends with you .
The prices are abordable , I'm sure you'll enjoy the experience there like I did :)


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