Spring lookbook 2014

One of the things that I fear the most is not being loved , I believe that love is one of the most important things that a human will ever experience in his life , I've been raised between quite a lot of peole , big family , friends , like everyone.They say that spring is the season of love , then we should love more, love our friends , family , lovers, crushes? the romantic style/boho one really suits this season that I believe is magic, I honestly prefer summer but Spring has this little I don't know what that lakes it so special ,I want to introduce you today to my Spring lookbook 2014 that I hope you'll like :)
White Boho Dress , Pinterest

sea foam tulle skirt
Blue Ballerina skirt , We heart it

Sunny Dress | via Tumblr
Yellow outfit , We heart it

Daisy top with shorts, We heart it

Because spring
Top shop bag and heels,We heart it

white jean & shirt
White outfit with Denim , We heart it

Pink and white outfit , We heart it
Fashion | via Tumblr
Ballerina and Denim mix, We heart it
Tip:This Spring is all about basics and nude colors forget your yellow shirt and focus on the nude, denim and white clothes you have.


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